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Charles Miller – aka “Bongo”


Currently own four Fieros

1986 Fiero GT 3800
1984 Fiero SD4 (Super duty 4)
1986 Fiero SE 5.7 SBC
1986 Fiero SE 2.5
When I was in my 20's a good friend sold me a 1984 Fiero. I have owned a Fiero or so ever since.  I was able to attend a national Fiero event years ago at the Indianapolis racetrack and that was an incredible experience.
I have been to 7 Superbowl's working. I perform in Detroit area music groups and hold four Detroit music awards with various groups.  I first met former MFC president Stan Bist at Autorama many years ago.  Music and Cars are my hobbies and I own a wealth of SD4 Super duty parts.
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