Free 1987 Fiero GT for parts?

Planned on keeping my "first love" that I bought used as a high school student forever. However, a garage collapsed on it about 10 years ago and it sat exposed to weather for multiple years after that. For the past 4 years, I've had it in a storage unit after towing it to Michigan with a pipe dream of restoring it. I've come to grips that's not going to happen and am now going to part ways with it. Thought that if there was anyone restoring a Fiero or just looking for a few parts that may be salvaged from it, I'd offer it here free first before taking it to a salvage yard. Obviously would need to be towed and may even need wheel dollies or winch to get it out of the storage unit as the brakes are pretty frozen up and I pushed it in there with another car.

Email is best: or ask for Christopher at 724-678-8773.

Michigan Fiero Club