1988 Formula - Red

Bright red, 2.8 liter V6, fuel injection, manual 5 speed, feedback fuel system, tinted glass, tilt steering, AM/FM stereo radio/cassette, A/C, cruise, power locks, power windows, under 39,000 miles. This car belonged to my son and I inherited it upon his death so I don\'t have first-hand knowledge of it but I was somewhat involved in his transactions. I know it was in very good condition when he bought it. He took it to a trusted mechanic who did some maintenance work on it. I have copy of his invoice detailing that work. Although I am the 4th owner of record, only the first owner drove it to any extent. My son only drove it to and from the mechanic (trailered it from point of purchase to his home and may have taken a test drive to verify that it was in good running condition.) I have spoken with the party he bought it from some time ago. I don\'t recall all the details but I believe she was selling it for the original owner and did not drive it. I have her contact information if a serious buyer would wish to speak with her. Added BONUS for a die-hard Fiero enthusiast (as was my son) - I have the original bill of sale. I plan to donate a portion of sale price to the owners of Fieros Forever. Photos available but I don\'s know how to put them on here. $6200. Call Marcia at 715-532-3182

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