Christmas Party 2017

Our annual Christmas party was December 2nd 2017. As is our tradition, we ate, drank (non alcoholic beverages), talked, and traded & stole gifts from each other in our somewhat contrived gift exchanging scheme. Food was plentiful, as was the great company.

For a recap of 2017 -

It’s been an interesting year with a lot of great events, meetings, shows and several new and interesting members. New members keep the club growing and allow us to move into new areas with new member skills. We are moving forward to a news letter after many years without one, and we are evolving some of the technology used in our web site. These are all things that will enhance the Clubs attractiveness to new and existing members. Somehow our beloved Fieros have stood the test of time and new people are entering the classic car market via our beloved 30 year old cars. Our Club represents a great gathering place for both the enjoyment of classic cars and excellant social events. We are as much a social club as we are a car club. Thank you one and all for making this Club so successful. If you missed this years Christmas Party, please try and join us next year … it is a good time! Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!

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