President's Corner November 2020

This challenging COVID year is drawing to a close and the sooner the better. Our Michigan Fiero Club has survived and is structured to prosper when we finally get through this pandemic. We have just elected a new slate of very qualified and younger Board Members for 2021 and we are financially sound. Not bad considering the challenges we have endured this year. Let’s start with our new Board of Directors for 2021:

President Jim Nye 

Vice President Richard Dafforn 

Vice president Don Tidrow 

Treasurer Don Connors

Secretary Pam Maier 

Past President Roger Fagnani 

Membership Floyd Dobson and Sue Oles

Events Sue Connors

Web Team Sue Oles, Kristina Kahn, and Jim Nye.

As you can see, we have a good mix of experience and new younger members taking over the helm. New additions to the Board have been monitoring the Board meetings as was our plan at the beginning of the year and they have progressed to active and official positions for 2021. The current Board will continue to operate in lock step with the new members for the rest of this year to insure a smooth transition. The average age of our board has been progressively been getting older for the last several years and this new slate of members breaks this trend for 2021 and beyond; something we needed for the Club’s long term survival.

I have enjoyed the last four years as President but felt it was time for some new and younger Club members to guide our future development. Jim Nye is an excellent choice for President and brings with him a host of talents that the Club needs. Recent General and Board Zoom Meetings were due to Jim’s efforts. The development of a standardized and transferable Treasury function is also occurring due to Jim’s expertise and I’m sure many other innovations will be developed due to Jim and the excellent Web Team he also chairs. It’s a new age and those of us in our mid 70’s are probably not the best leaders to bring the club into this new age of computer communication and development. I will be available for any non-technical advice Jim and his new team will need but suspect that will not be anywhere close to a full time effort.

Thanks one and all for allowing me to be President for the last four years and I believe I have left the Club in a good position for future growth and continued success.

Respectively, Roger Fagnani