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Carl Krager

I am the original owner of a 1984 RED 2M4 with 24,000 original miles.  My car has all the original equipment, including the tires. 


I was involved in the production tooling change followup at the Fisher Body headquarters at the tech center in Warren, Michigan. 


I also was the mechanic and parade coordinator for the Macomb County Voiture 1061 of the 40 ET 8 Loke (Train) - which is a veterans organization.  This has been a fun retirement project for over 12 years.  

I have been a member of the Michigan Fiero Club a long time - don't remember the year or date, only you can tell me.

My hobbies include anything mechanical.  This includes a Whizzer bike I have had for about 65 years . . . and yes it still runs.

I'm still looking for a gas tank.  My tank sat around for too many years with gas in it.  I removed it, had it cleaned and coated, seems ok, but would like to replace it.

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