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   “Dave?! This is Stan Bist”

by Dave Evola

Former Michigan Fiero Club Historian


That's how Stan started & ended his messages via the telephone to yours truly. One could set a watch by that pattern of delivery.  Stan's passion for the Fiero, the plastic-bodied two-seater remains unmatched---even today in his absence. To have seen him hustle from car to car, what with his hand-sized spiral notebook in tow, collecting names & phone numbers was vintage Stan:


        “ this your car? What a beauty! I'm thinking of starting a car club for the

        Pontiac Fiero here in Michigan. Would you be interested in joining? Could

        I have your name, address & phone number for my notes!? Thanks...!”


Stan put his heart & soul into the formation of this Michigan Fiero Club. It cannot be over-stated. Ask anyone who was at the Club's first meeting in September of 1993. It was a cold, blustery day—-complete with snow flurries (yikes!) The turnout was very good, about 20-some individuals: all excited & enthusiastic about what appeared ahead, but no one more than Stan.

Hmm, what should we call this club? The Motor City Fiero Club? FieroDynamics Club? The BirthPlace of the Fiero Club? These were a few of the names offered that night. We of course decided on the name that we currently use, the Michigan Fiero Club.

Stan was a self-made man & a person who was true to himself and who he wanted to be. He loved life & the people close to him---including many of our Club members: whether you came to all the monthly meetings or just once in a while. I miss him very much & will miss him in the days ahead.

Stan was not only our Club founder, but he was a dearly beloved friend to many of us, too. Karen, Julia & I are all deeply saddened & grief-stricken by his passing. He was a fine man & I’m certain all club members, past & present, are in mourning for his passing. May you Lori & each of the family members find some comfort in your many special memories & in the thought of the joyous moments you shared with Stan. May the love of family & friends comfort & strengthen you in the trying days ahead.

Stan?! This is Dave Evola saying thanks for being you! With love & friendship!!

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