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Previously owned by Dave Evola, now his nephew Brendan Guitar


I have a 1988 Formula that has been painted in a DuPont Chromalusion color-shift paint. It changes all sorts of different colors when in the sunlight and is truly awesome to look at. The car has a somewhat "built" 2.8l with a couple performance goodies mated to the 5-speed Getrag 282.


I actually inherited my Fiero from my Uncle Dave a couple years ago. He was an original member of the Michigan Fiero Club and was a big part of the club's coming about back in the early 90's. His car had sat untouched for about 9 years until he passed it on to me and I have spent almost everyday since fixing it up and getting it back to that showcar it always has been, learning every little thing I can in the process. I’ve been a member for three years.


My Fiero has been in my family since bought brand new in 1988 and when I was a kid I remember my Uncle driving over to my house with the car. We would get all loaded up and ready to go and we would go out to so many car shows around town. That experience is really what got me into cars in the first place and little did I know that the car I was in back in those days was going to be mine.


My family, both my Father and Mother's sides are from the South East side of Michigan, Macomb County to be exact. That's where I grew up all the way until I was 14 and we ended up moving out to Grand Rapids across the state. It's been about 10 years now over here and I can say now that it was a good thing us moving out here but leaving our extended family back East was hard. We typically drive back over almost every 2 or 3 weeks to see them so everyone has kept in touch but it really was the move that changed everything for us. Especially now that I own a Fiero and am across the state from where the club resides makes it a little difficult. but I still try to make it out with everyone once in a while.


My life has become learning about and working on my cars. I have not been able to stop working on them for the past 3 years, so I really only eat, sleep, go to work and then come home to work on my Fiero.


Below are pictures from when my Uncle Dave owned the car.

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