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Dianne and LaVerne B

'88 GT

We have a 1988 GT. All original, approx. 17K miles. Only mods. are wheels & tires, due to age of original tires which are still mounted on stock wheels.  I started driving in the Corvair era and always liked the rear engine feel. Owned several over the years. Bought my first Fiero, a 85 notch back, for that same feel.

Like all things Pontiac! My 67 Firebird Convertible is similar to the one I owned in 1969 when Dianne and I were married. The 1989 Firebird Fomula is one of only 14 that were converted to a Convertible and shares many common things with the Fiero including color scheme. All three are as original as I can keep them and still be reliable.

Dianne and I will be married for 50 years in June 2019. We have one married daughter and two grandchildren. We have always owned hobby cars including several dune buggies and enjoy weekly cruising in one of our Pontiacs or taking in a sunset over Lake Michigan from the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.  We are lighthouse keepers and give tours at Little Sable Point Lighthouse.

We have been members since 2000 and have met so many great people though the Michigan Fiero Club. The fall color tour is always great. We would like everyone to know that joining MFC is well worth it, even if you do not live in the Detroit area.

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