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Floyd and Carol Dobson

As Member #4, I was part of the group of 5 that started the Michigan Fiero Club in the fall of 1993.


Carol and are married 57 years, and have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.  

We have two Fieros – an 88 GT Medium Red Metallic with T-Tops, 5-Spd Leather, All-options and an 88 Formula Yellow Sunroof Auto with A/C.

I worked on the Fiero Program's engine controls and electric-power-steering.  Since I needed a vehicle capable of good fuel economy, I found an 88 Yellow Coupe 4-cyl 5-spd in August 1992 and proceeded to put 167K miles on it before selling.

I am a Retired Automotive Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Product Engineer.  Also serve as a Fiero technical adviser, especially for the engine controls and any other electrical issue.  With a degree in electronics, tearing into any instrument, radio, engine control module, generator or newer GM engines is my game.

I love Fieros!

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