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Welcome to the

Michigan Fiero Club

Life is a journey, enjoy the Ride


The purpose of the Michigan Fiero Club is to promote interest and knowledge of the Pontiac Fiero automobile.  The Fiero was only produced for five years and with a relatively moderate amount being built (370,168).

We own and drive a unique and unusual automobile; therefore we have organized the Michigan Fiero Club.  One of the clubs endeavors is to preserve the car by maintaining it cosmetically and mechanically. Another is to show the car at car cruises, shows, parades, or at any public affair to give it a proper recognition.

We meet once a month, and will also try to have activities that will expose the public to a car that we are all proud to own. It is also our intent to interact socially and to build a lasting friendship among Fiero owners and enthusiasts.

The Club is open to everyone who is interested in the Fiero and ownership is not mandatory!

If you are looking for a Fiero, we will help you find one!

General Meetings

Buddy's Pizza

15075 N. Beck Rd.

Plymouth,  MI


Next Meetings

All meetings are cancelled until further notice!

We meet the 3rd Monday of every month at 7 pm* 

If eating, most arrive at 6pm. The meeting itself begins at 7pm.

* December is the only exception.

- See events page


New Events Posted!

Check out the events page

The safety of our membership is our primary concern, and we feel it best to follow CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and strongly limit social gatherings and interaction.

Feel free to use our Facebook pages to post questions, and we hope to see you soon!

7/11 - Cruise is postponed

7/18 Kappa Fiero Car Show

Swapping a 3800

Using FieroRog Brackets

Excellent YouTube Videos about the Fiero:

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