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Robert L.

I have a 1987 Blue 2m4 notchback coupe. Seems to be all stock with 78K miles. Some minor factory upgrades such as a Sport Steering Wheel and Rally Suspension.

I was intrigued back in the late ‘80’s with the one and only Fiero I ever saw while attending college in Canada. 30 years later I saw a Blue ‘87 in Monticello NY that now sits in my garage.

I ran a ‘69 Camaro into the ground over a 20 year period. I cold bring myself to sell it, and I didn’t have the money or space to restore it. Secondly I drove pickup with a 5speed. Always missed that shifting experience.

Novice mechanic, drove a Fiero for the first time this month (January 2021) ...but I knew I would love it. I’m ready to learn.

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