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Lou and Sue O

88 Formula 

Watkins Glen, NY

86 at "Run for the Hills"

I first became interested in owning a Fiero when I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency and a Fiero came in as a test vehicle.  At that time I was a tech testing new cars.

I bought the first one for my son in high school.  He didn't like the little red 86 coupe  - but I did, and I kept it. 


Years later Sue & I went visiting family in Wisconsin and came home with our white 88 Formula.  We bought the black 88 GT from a car collector in Ohio after that - all our Fieros are original and stock.

One summer Sue & I decided to be ambassadors for our car club and went to car shows from New York to Kentucky, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

I have a winter hobby, namely skiing, and have skied all over the world including helicopter skiing in British Columbia.  Sue & I also like to work on home décor and landscaping.

I have been a member of the Fiero club since 1995.

1988 GT

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