Phil Emmert

I don't own a Fiero yet, but I am looking into the possibilities of building a 1988 Formula with a 2.7l Superduty engine, Manual Trans.  I have always loved the Fiero Style, and this summer seeing them at various car shows has rekindled the interest.  I just joined the Fiero club.

Currently I drive a great '96 Impala SS, now 80k miles (well, at least it's a GM Product). I have kept it stock (except tires, of course); bought at a used car dealer out of Bristol, TN, August 2006. My 12 year old grandson says I need to "drop an LS9 in it."

My Fiero story goes back into my days as the NVRH development engineer for the 6000. While stationed at the DPG, I was given a hotfoot ride in the 1984 Indy 500 Pace Car - actually one of the development cars. I was told that my arse got up to 140 on the Circle Track - I was way too scared to take my eyes off the road ahead to try and look at a speedo... I remember the sounds of That Superduty Iron Duke like it took place this morning.

I don't exactly know why my Pontiac Engineering blood is still so true, even after now 31 years separated. Naturally, the folks I got to know had a lot to do with it. But also the cars. Well, and I truly believe that Jim Lyons' vehicle development group was able to generate a common theme for Ride & Handling across the vehicle line up, which was not so achieved by any of the other GM Car Divisions - Fun To Drive!