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Roger and Layne F.

'85 GT Northstar and '85GT 

We have two Fieros.

The first one was bought new and is a 1985 GT model. This one has been completely restored at a substantial cost and many hours of personal labor. There is an article on this car on this web site.

Our second Fiero is also a 1985 GT but has been highly modified with a Cadillac NorthStar V8 engine and trans plus a host of new performance and safety parts. This car was originally Keven Leslie's (of Design One Systems Fame) personal car. I bought and restored it in 2015. 300 HP is a ton of fun in a Fiero! There is also an article on this car on this website.

I fell in love with the Fiero GT when it was introduced in the spring of 1985. I bought one and have owned it since new. My restomod is an indulgence I fed after I retired in 2015; this GT Touring car, in the European tradition, is what GM should have built in the first place!

Many drivers have been surprised at the speed and ease with which they have been passed ... often with Layne driving!

Layne and I have made many friends at this club and are very appreciative of the warm welcome we received when we first joined ... the comradery of this club is one of its best attributes.

We have two grandchildren in Boston and visit as often as we can.  We joined the club 4 years ago in 2015, after I retired.

Beside the Fiero Club, I play a lot of golf and race slot cars in the winter. Layne enjoys traveling and plays golf as well. After many very long work weeks spanning over 45 years, retirement is a great reward.

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