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Tom Madden

I'm a Professor at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit Michigan where I'm the Chairman of the Crafts Department and Section Head for Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design.

My son Evan, is currently at the University of Michigan where he is completing his graduate studies in Environmental Policy. My daughter Paige is a graduate of Toledo University School of Environmental Science.

I own a 1986 Fiero SE- Automatic,

(Red/w black racing strip) on black wheels with red pin stripe, grey interior, 1988 Fiero GT- 5 speed manual, sunroof, grey interior


In 2014 my son Evan was turning 21. Over the previous 3 years he had been driving a ramshackle Dodge Neon (to his credit with absolutely no complaint).. so, with his birthday approaching I wanted to find a car more suited to a young sporty sensibility. After many days of fruitless searching and looking at terrible options I happened on to a little "mom and pop" car lot in Toledo, Ohio... There sat this beautiful 1986 SE... 34,000 miles, pristine exterior... functional mechanicals and an interior in near mint condition (with the exception of the headliner).... well, that was all that she wrote.. I knew that I had found our baby. Evan drove his 86 for 2 years... (and as a dad might expect, added his contribution to her wear and tear.)..... as fate would have it, in 2016 he accepted an opportunity and moved to New Zealand for 2 years... Yeow! I recovered the car.... subsequently spent 2016/17 making all of the restorations I could identify.... worked on mechanical issues, improved general appearance... had her painted and added the racing strip, powder coated the wheels (for that young hip black on black look)...did everything I could think of to spiff her up and bring back all mechanicals.. looking forward to Evans eventual return..... yep... over my year of diligent working I found myself falling further and further into my obsession with Fiero's and my beautiful little red SE....sigh...... so, jump to 2017 the car is looking great... Evan is returning and expecting to pick her up jump in where he left off.... and I'm in the throws of "separation anxiety".. Enter my loving fiancee Linda who, recognizing my growing attachment and anxiety, was thoughtful enough to locate a beautiful 1988 GT 5 speed manual... complete with sunroof, all electric.... and in beautiful road worthy condition.... Of course when I went to look her it was all over.... there was no question about it.... the GT was coming home with me..... Epilogue- Summer 2018 Evan decided that his daily driver needed to have more than 2 seats, so he was able to find a 2011 Camero LS that was more to his life style with friends and activities.......So, upside..... happy endings do happen... Both of my Fiero have returned home and are now in my drive..... if only I had garage space....

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